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South African home to the Worldwide Best-selling Settlers of Catan Collection and other amazing table-top games.

We are the proud distributors of best selling board games and card games from around the world. Our mission is to bring family and friends together across South Africa to play these wonderful games.  Our web-site contains lots of information about all our products, our great network of retailers around the country, and we also provide an online store in case you are battling to find these games at your favourite store.

Catch us exhibiting these amazing games at shows like ICON and Rage, and during events such as National Board Games Day.  Join our Game Guides program and help us demo these games to fellow South Africans!

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New Products

379,00 ZAR each One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak
25 items in stock
949,00 ZAR each Heroes of Normandie
15 items in stock
69,00 ZAR each Star Realms - Crisis Heroes expansion
12 items in stock
599,00 ZAR each Max Money
38 items in stock
529,00 ZAR each Carcassonne Gold Rush
15 items in stock
239,00 ZAR each Ultimate Werewolf
30 items in stock
539,00 ZAR each Carcassonne (New Edition)
39 items in stock
699,00 ZAR each Catan 5th Edition
8 items in stock
1 099,00 ZAR each Zombie 15'
4 items in stock