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South African home to the Worldwide Best-selling Settlers of Catan Collection.

We are the proud distributors of the English-language versions of Klaus Teuber’s acclaimed “Catan” series of board games, card games, game expansions, and accessories. The award-winning Catan family of board and card games comprises one of the world’s most enjoyable and best-selling game lines. The Catan series is one of the best-selling and most widely played game lines ever developed.

Over 25 million Catan games have been sold since the brand’s debut in 1995. Millions of people will testify that it is one of the greatest games ever! Then try one and even combine its many expansions. Some let you explore new aspects of the game. Others let you add more players.

The “Game of the Year” in Germany, the U.S, and a host of other countries, The Settlers of Catan is a classic, stand-alone game for 3-4 players. You journey to the unsettled wilds of the grand new world known as Catan. It’s an exciting frontier, one rich in opportunity. No place could be more perfect for casual adventure. Compete with your opponents to discover and settle on the choicest lands and seaports. Gather resources, trade with friends and foes, and build roads and settlements—all in a quest to be master of Catan.

Catan is a little different every time you visit. You’ll always find it a land full of intrigue and surprise. Careful trade and clever building are your keys to success. Plenty of fast-paced player interaction is guaranteed. Win or lose, adventure always awaits in Catan!


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