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"Carcassonne and Puerto Rico both looked quite intriguing and different to anything else that we were used to playing. Carcassonne is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone, it's quick to understand, quick to play and really clever the way it's been designed. Even a 3 year old had fun matching the blocks. Puerto Rico requires a bit more time to understand, but the instructions are clear and provide a step by step guide that allows you to play and learn at the same time. The game also lasts a while, which makes it great for a winter's evening in front of the fire. Once again, very cleverly constructed. They have both been well worth the purchase!"
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Moira C, Jhb
"Puerto Rico is a fascinating mix of strategy and business common sense – a great way to involve the family in the reality of life, since what seems to be the goal is not what you think it is. The game is fun to play and requires just enough thinking to allow you to become involved without excluding anyone from the fun. Thoroughly enjoyable, esp. after the first glass of wine :-)"
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Shane VJ, Jhb
"After everything I read about Settlers it had a lot to live up to. And it didn't fail once.

Everyone I've played this with has liked it. From the family to the people who play more complex games it seems settlers has an extremely wide appeal.

I have played maybe over 50 games of it so far. So often when we play games it gets taken out first and we just never put it away until the early hours of the morning arrive. Normally we would play about 5 to 7 games an evening and tomorrow evening everyone just wants to play again.

The game is extremely easy to teach. When you are setting up the board everyone remarks how complicated it looks. About 5 minutes later they go:'This is really easy'.

Yet the game really does have depth and strategy. The variable setup makes every game different meaning that strategies that worked in the last game will not necessarily work again this game. You also need to adapt depending on what others are doing.

Above all else Settlers is high in fun factor. The main reason it gets played so much is because everyone enjoys playing it. This could be due to the high amount of player interaction from the trading and the robber.

The game also has a fair amount of luck. This is enough so that everyone stands a chance. The weaker players will also win once in a while. And it is small enough so that the game does not feel like a gamble. Strategy is important and if you win it feels like you earned it through good play.

This game I recommend to anyone. If you only ever buy one German board game I think Settlers of Catan should be it." - Wagner K, Pretoria

"Lord of the Rings: The confrontation has to be my favourite game at the moment. From Gandalf blasting his way through the forces of evil to Sam at his bravest protecting Frodo from Sauron's minions this really does feel just like the books/movies. Apart from the theme the game-play is well balanced between two totally different sides. It feels like a mixture between Chess and Poker, plays fast and I always want to play "just one more game"." - Wagner K, Pretoria

"Puerto Rico's mechanics are very simple to understand. It is on the other side also incredible deep. New strategies emerge all the time. I have played it a lot and will still be playing it for a long time. Online there is a lot of hype about this game. It is definitely there for good reason." - Wagner K, Pretoria

"Carcassonne is currently my lite game. It is the game that I play with family and friends who aren't as serious about games as I am. The game has a lot of subtle tactics. It plays very differently depending on the number of players. Most people I have played this with have enjoyed it."
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Wagner K, Pretoria
"Thank you for introducing me to Carcassonne. Since we bought this game, my wife and I, have been playing it every night. If you told me two weeks ago that Anne and I would be playing a board game every night when we get home, I would not have believed you. Carcassonne is one of those rare board games that is easy to understand and easy to play. On average it takes us about 45 minutes to play a game. It is SO much fun. I’m a dedicated computer gamer and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would enjoy a board game as much as I have done with Carcassonne. This is definitely worth every cent that I paid for this game. It is easy to play, it is fast, it has strategy, and most important of all….my wife kicks my butt in this game. Once again, thank you for bringing this product to South Africa. In my humble opinion, every household in South Africa should have a copy of Carcassonne in the house."
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Corne DP, Pretoria
"Puerto Rico is a cleverly balanced game, dependant on timing that I really look forward to playing again (and again)!"
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Michael, P.E.
“A well-made and challenging game that completely held my interest from the first minute right to the end of the game! Playing Puerto Rico was a real blast, I really got into it. The best part is when you get to watch your opponents get their butts kicked! This game makes Monopoly look like watching grass grow!" - Gary K, Jhb

“When I was a kid, I always figured I would make a superb millionaire land baron. Carcassonne proves me right - JR Ewing has nothing on me!! You gotta have your strategy right and be able to see the big picture to play this!!"
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Gary K, Jhb
"Carcassonne is a dynamic game that the whole family enjoys. With the constant changing landscape and additional tiles that can be added to your collection, the same game never becomes a dust covered back of the cupboard board game."
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Adrian M, Jhb
"I recently purchased a copy of Carcassonne, and it's been worth every penny. The instructions are easy to follow (we were playing inside 20 minutes of opening the box), the quality is top class, and it's loads of fun! Play it a couple of times, and the importance of strategy becomes evident. Play it a bit more, and you start figuring out how to counter your opponents' strategies at the same time."
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: John G, Jhb
"Puerto Rico is a game that allows each and every one of my family and friends to have their own strategy to win the game, however it requires all of us to adjust our tactics to take into account what the others do. We would not have a picnic without our Puerto Rico game with us. It is addictive, it is fun and it is the best game I have played in years. You cannot compare it to any of the original board games such as Monopoly or 30-Seconds. This game requires my full attention at all times as my strategy changes several times throughout the game as other players change theirs. We have played more than 40 games already and I've never had the same strategy. This game is a must for anybody who loves spending time with friends and family and loves to be competitive"
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Dennis K, Jhb
"The service and speed of delivery was impeccable. I would definitely recommend gamers purchase from your store"
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: David D, Welkom

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